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Herpalert gets you on the road to recovery quickly
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Why herpalert?
To minimize the results of your outbreak and speed up the healing process, you need to start treatment within 12 to 24 hours of developing herpes symptoms. By the time you call your doctor and schedule an appointment, it’s too late. With HerpAlert, you can submit photos online and if your diagnosis is positive, we’ll send a prescription to your pharmacy within an hour. If it’s not, you pay nothing.
No Appointment Necessary!
The Doctor will see you… NOW!
With HerpAlert, there’s no waiting for an appointment. We have doctors on call, ready to review your photos, and provide you with a diagnosis and prescription on the spot. Prescription drugs can reduce your healing time from 2 to 3 weeks to as few as 5 to 7 days. By treating herpes the moment you have symptoms, you can minimize its disruption to your life, so now there’s a chance you won’t have to cancel that hot date next weekend!
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Our Mission
Spread love not herpes.
Our mission is to remove the stigma associated with herpes by reducing outbreaks and making them as painless as possible. The moment you submit your photos for diagnosis, we get back to you quickly and immediately send a prescription to your local pharmacy. So you can stop the progression and get on with your life, whether that means finding Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now.
Our Supplements
Looking for a natural, daily treatment? Look no further.
We've partnered with Beacon of Health to provide you an over the counter option for your outbreaks. Their morning and evening nutritional supplements are specifically formulated for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2, featuring ingredients designed to give your body around the clock immune support, promoting fewer herpes outbreaks.

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Our Partners
FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms.
Taking an anti-viral medication for your herpes symptoms is important if your doctor has prescribed one. But let's face it. Outbreaks still happen and the symptoms can be misreable.
  • Over 90% of users reported less severe pain, burning, and itching*
  • Kills 99.9% of the herpes simplex I & II viruses*
  • FemiClear is an over-the-counter ointment available in CVS near the condoms

Not a cure for herpes or a replacement for prescription antiviral medication. * Date on File. See Femiclear.com
Our Philosophy
Kiss herpes
There's no cure for herpes, but that doesn't mean it has to be the death for your love life. We believe that by acting fast at the first sign of an outbreak by providing you with a professional diagnosis and a treatment plan, we can minimize the physical and emotional discomfort that comes with herpes.
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